Are all of your products locally made?
We stock our shelves with products made near and far -- from Minnesota-made beeswax candles, leather goods and ceramics, to dish and bath brushes made by the visually impaired in Sweden, towels and table linens created by a women’s weaving collective in Ethiopia; beautiful brassware and bath towels from Japan and hearty jute baskets from Morocco, ceramics from Portugal and linens from Belgium. We just collect beautiful products made by talented, real people from around the world.

What are your store hours?
You never know when you'll need an emergency vegetable brush, or an on-the-way-to-the-party hostess gift. We've all been there. Or maybe you finally just have an afternoon free and want to come see what's new in the shop. We like to be open as much as possible so we can catch all these little adventures, so we are open seven days a week, Monday-Friday from 10am - 7:30pm (often later on nice evenings), Saturdays from 10am - 7pm and Sundays, from 10am - 6pm.

Do you sell online?
We are slowly but surely getting our in-store selection available to people near and far online! Keep checking back -- we are adding new products to our web shop everyday. And if you saw something in the shop that you can't find online, give us a call and we'll help you over the phone!

What’s the smell in here?
That would be our handmade beeswax candles. That is their natural scent, 100% pure beeswax. That, mixed with cedar, sage, some lavender essential oil Anna's scattered around the shop, fresh air and fresher flowers, and probably some coffee aroma. That's the smell in here.

Are the parking meters free on Sunday?
Some of them are! Some of them aren't! It's a scavenger hunt!

Can we take our senior/engagement/wedding photos outside your store?
Sure -- as long as you don't lean against the building or sit and stand in the window sills. We are so lucky to be in this beautiful old building, and we want to preserve the original paint on the facade, and we would hate for a window sill to crumble underneath you! Fun for no one!

Are these dishwasher safe? Can I put it in the dryer? How do I condition my wood spoons?
We select items that are beautiful and durable. We always recommend hand-washing so your goods will look their best over time. But, we throw our Japanese towels in the dryer and cocktail glasses in the dishwasher on most days. Ask if you're curious about specific items and we'll give you our very best advice. 

How often do you restock?
Every week! The store is always getting new products from just around the block or from around the world. And with no backroom, everything we get goes right out on the floor!

Who is The Foundry Family?
Anna (long blond hair) is the owner, you're lucky to catch her in the shop these days. Lillian (wavy brown hair) is the shop manager and all-around Foundry team captain. Grant (short brown hair) is here a few days a week, and if he's not in the shop, he's in a play. Adam (short blond hair) works a couple days a week and is our second resident actor. Kate (short blond hair) is pitching in here and there during the holidays and Laura (long brown hair) is our newest Foundry Family member! Katherine/KP (long hair that's always changing colors) is finishing up school and will be around between student teaching, while David (curly black hair) and Caitlin (short platinum blonde hair) are our long-distance family members, doing great things in Miami and Australia. And, of course, there's Ruby, who is the glue that holds us all together!

Do you have a newsletter?
Oh, we are working on it! Currently, the best way of getting news and information is by becoming a fan of our facebook page or by following our Instagrams - Anna's is @thefoundryhomegoods and the staff account is @thefoundryfamily!

What is your privacy policy?
We never share any of your information with anyone. We promise.

What are the mini beeswax bars for?
Loosening sticky drawers or window sashes; taking out scratches in furniture; strengthening thread for sewing; preventing bronze tarnishing; for coating baking pans; waterproofing leather goods; keeping zippers from sticking -- they are one tiny little miracle bar. For a more comprehensive list of uses, check out this blog post!

What is your return policy?
We totally understand if something you purchase doesn't make you 100% happy, and will gladly accept refund any items that are in the condition you purchased them in within two weeks of purchase. The only exception would be personal items, like soap, nail brushes and towels; we can't accept those back once they've been opened or used.

I am sending a present to someone, can you wrap it and include a note?
The easiest way to set this up is either emailing us at info@foundryhg.com or calling the store at 612.333.8484. We will happily wrap anything you'd like and send it with a personalized note.

How can I pay?
We happily accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Cash, Check , Paypal, a pony and/or goat, provided they are nice.

Where's The Bachelor Farmer?
Across the street, under the blue gingham awnings. And if you don't want your financiers at the end of your meal there, we will happily take them. Maybe trade you for a tea light.

If you have any questions that we have not answered here, please feel free to send us an email!

Thank you!
-Anna, Grant, Lillian, Adam, Laura, KP + Ruby!